The secret to having a productive day and staying mentally fresh is when you start your morning full of energy. We often have two opposite extremes when we wake up early. One is to start the day with fatigue, the other is to start the day with excitement. What we do in the morning plays an important role in our physical health and mood throughout the day.

Instead of struggling every day because getting up late, in a hurry, having no time to eat breakfast, traffic jam … affects the quality of work. Practice the habit of waking up slowly and peacefully so that your body and mind can gradually transition from resting to activity, kicking off a quality workday!

Get enough sleep

Every day, you should sleep 7-8 hours and sleep before 11 o’clock at night, the spirit will be refreshed and your mood is better. Good sleep quality also works to clean up adenosine to help keep the mind awake during the day, help the brain to organize information systematically, establish and strengthen the brain’s ability to remember long-term. the set. On the contrary, if you do not sleep 7-8 hours a day, you will fall into a state of lack of clarity, clarity and difficulty focusing on work.

Wake up early and exercise

If you wake up early at 5 or 6 a.m., you’ll feel alert and energized. When exposed to the sun in the morning, you will easily have a relaxed, optimistic mood, and remove stress in life. With a relaxed spirit, you will always feel more proactive and enthusiastic about the work of that day.

Morning is the perfect time to meditate, do yoga, or exercise. The exercises help you warm up the body, quickly increase circulation and “awaken” the organs in the body. Maintaining a routine of getting up early and exercising every day will help you have a perfect new day.

Plan a new day

If you’ve read Stephen Covey’s book, “Seven habits of the highly effective people – 7 habits of success,” then you probably know this planning habit. As long as you start each day with a clear goal, and go “to-do-list”, all work can be done soon, without the pressure of deadlines. If you wake up every day, you are not sure where you will go, what you will do, it will be difficult to organize your work effectively.

Energy breakfast

With a new day’s energy intake with a nutritious breakfast, you need to eat foods full of protein, other carbohydrate-rich foods to ensure the source of energy and calories for physical and mental activities. need.

And do not forget to enjoy a 200ml cup of Scho Chocolate Drink cocoa, before starting work. In fact, the benefits of cocoa have been scientifically proven. Drinking a cup of hot cocoa in the morning will give you the right amount of antioxidants and nutrients for a new day. In addition, cocoa contains more antioxidants than coffee, this stimulating flavor will increase the refreshment and excitement to help you have an energetic working day.

In addition, this nutritious drink contains up to 54% pure cocoa, provides many vitamins E, B2, B1, B5, B3, B9, … and is an instant cocoa drink, researched. with 245 recipes in 8 years before it reaches consumers. Products come from Germany and belong to Scho brand of Uelzena Group with 100 years in this field.

Each morning you only take 2 minutes to mix a perfect cup of cocoa and start inspiring for the new day. The secret to energizing every day is here!