– Cocoa drink is easy to prepare, convenient to carry

Cocoa drinks are easy to prepare and convenient to carry

Scho Chocolate Drink – a new cocoa drink – is compared to a snack because it contains many nutrients, easy to prepare and convenient to carry.

The food industry, especially in the field of F&B (Food and BeverageService) – that is, the restaurant department, the hotel drink bar – has become the “fertile land” of giants to popular restaurant owners. In large urban areas of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang or Can Tho, every 100 meters you will find 3-5 water shops, from sidewalks to expensive. In which, fast drinks “take away” (take away) such as coffee, milk tea, fruit smoothies … sold well, achieved high sales.

Research data of consumers’ instant drinking habits from Q&M showed that: tea and coffee accounted for 73% of the instant beverage market share, of which cocoa powder only accounted for 6% of the market share.

In order to meet the needs of drinking and enjoying cocoa-related drinks of many people, Schokocrown Vietnam cooperates with Uelzena Group – a unit with 100 years of history of Germany – to research and develop exclusively. rights in the Asian market, since then Scho Chocolate Drink was launched. This cocoa drink is convenient to carry, easy to prepare and preservative free.

Cocoa drinks are both delicious and refreshing.

“We spent 8 years researching Scho Chocolate Drink, testing 245 recipes to satisfy the tastes of the majority of Asian customers but still ensuring food safety,” said the representative.

With each stick of Scho Chocolate Drink cocoa, users only take 3 minutes to prepare, equivalent to a snack with 120 calories, containing nutrients rich in nutrients such as Fe, Mg, Favinol, Protein, Vitamin, Polyphenol. …

A delicious cup of cocoa can be enjoyed with cake.

This drink blends 3 main ingredients: 27% cocoa powder, 25% cocoa liquid and whole milk sugar. The manufacturer uses the technology of alkalized (alkalized), spraying by Uelzena Group to preserve the characteristic strong aroma and remove the acidic, mild bitter taste of cocoa. “The dissolution rate of almost 98% with cold water shows the pure cocoa of the cocoa”, added the representative.

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29 February, 2020